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Welcome to Our QMS a brand New way for a brand New Day.

Please join us as We build the New beginning in Governance Economic and Societal systems - QMS.

Before We talk about the QMS let's catch up on a little Political History.


Historical and Generational facts.

Australia, The Lucky country with the Great Australian Dream. 

Our great Australian dream of stable full-time Employment, Real Wage Growth, Home Ownership, Quality Education, Health and Allied Services. Safety, Security and Prosperity for ALL Australia and ALL Australians.


"What the: happened?


The Great Australian Reality.

Circa 1950's and beyond We were told the great Australian dream was to go to school get a good education leave school get a job work for 40 years then retire to a life of comfort, peace and quiet.

Oh and along the way get married have a couple of kids, buy a house with a 20+ year compounding interest mortgage loan, then at 60 you retire and have a wonderful retirement on the Aged Pension for the rest of your life.

We were wrong - the then batch of Treacherous Politicians stole the taxpayer-funded National Welfare (Retirement Pension) Fund way back in the 1950s and '60s by rolling it into "Consolidated Revenue" (aka politicians piggy bank) where the politicians could spend aka waste it on who knows what.

In the 1930s and 40's the National Welfare (Retirement Pension) Fund was established by setting aside a % of all income tax collected solely to fund the Aged and other Pensions.

Speed forward to the 1990's and beyond Aged pensioners became the new poor and now in 2021 barely exist well below the poverty line.


The next generational shift was in the 1970s and 80's where Australians were told by yet another batch of Treacherous Politicians - The Aged Pension is unsustainable, You should/must have Self-funded Superannuation in a Corporate Superannuation Fund.

We were wrong - Politicians and Big Corporation Super Funds neither of whom had checks and balances to protect the investors against fraud, Scammed the investors out of $billions of earnings in Taxes and Fees.


TREASON - 1973 - The Whitlam Government Unlawfully passes the Acts Amendments Act and the Royal Styles and Titles Act to create the fictitious Queen of Australia. He then creates the Australian Government Corporation a USA registered corporation

Fact - Australia is now a Corporation and We the Australian People have lost Our Sovereignty both Personal and Financial.


The next generational shift was in 1983 where Australians were told by yet another batch of Treacherous Politicians  - We got this You now have a National Employer-sponsored Superannuation - a guaranteed super contribution from your employer paid every year until you retire.

We were wrong - There wasn't and isn't any meaningful enforcement on delinquent employers to pay super contributions -  inactive funds were allowed to be gobbled up by so-called Admin fees - Super is still taxed to the max and still rorted by dodgy fund managers with still no recourse to investors.


TREASON - 1986 - The Hawke Government Unlawfully passes the Australia Act which is the final action required to completely remove Australia from the British Commonwealth.

Fact - We the People of Australia and Our Australia are now completely Centralized and Corporatized by the Australian Government Corporation.


The most current Treacherous act against the Australian people was where Australians were told by yet another batch of Treacherous Politicians said - We are going to pass a Bail In Law - This will protect Our banks in times of financial crisis.

We were wrong - it will also take (Steal) bank deposits of every Australian and give back *worthless shares as a so called repayment.

Even their own International Monetary Fund and G20 rules prevent taxpayers' money from being used to save a bank, instead, requiring that rescue funds must come from shareholders and from depositors called a bail-in.

Here's how it works. It literally means, the banks steal the money in retail deposit accounts and use that to save themselves and their executives. Retail deposit accounts are the bank accounts of everyday Australians and small and medium-sized businesses.

In exchange, the stolen money is replaced by shares in the bank.

*In the event of a financial collapse the bank's shares would have already been suspended from trading. The bank's shares would be worthless pieces of paper and would remain so for many years.


Bail in summary - Our money is not safe in their banks and Our Sovereignty Personal, Economical, Digital and Financial were stolen from us by politicians way back in the 1930s and 40's when Australia truly was the lucky country and as We now know especially so for Politicians and Political Parties.

Welcome to Our QMS a brand New way for a brand New Day.


What is QMS?

The Quantum Management System or QMS is a system that gives individuals sovereignty Personal Economical, Digital and Financial Sovereignty with the addition of real-time input into the Governance and Management of Australia and Australians.


QMS can and will give us a very real opportunity to build Our world just the way we want it to be.

QMS is an adaptive system that can and will be rolled out Globally. Australia first then Our Kiwi mates across the ditch followed by Our pommy mates in the UK followed by Our Canuck mates in Canada then onward Globally.

Although We are building QMS in Australia We already have support and input from New Zealand, UK, Canada and the US but We need more people in more nations to help build and share Our QMS.


The QMS offers us a unique yet very real opportunity to rebuild our country and economy into something completely new and vibrant.

Every Lawfully entitled Australian elector, requirements and guidelines to be decided by the People, 18 years and over will receive a blockchain encrypted Australia "Sovereign Key".


Imagine your Personal, Financial, Economic and Societal Sovereignty in an individually encrypted "Sovereign Key" that no other person or entity other than You can access.

Add to that your ability and Lawful right to have your say in Commonwealth State and Local issues policy and future direction in real-time using your "Sovereign Key".

Your Sovereign key will hold your Personal, Financial, Digital and Societal identities. Your Sovereign key will allow you real-time access to the Governance and management of Australia via Sovereign Australian initiated referenda.

Commonwealth State and local issues will be dealt with by Sovereign key holders exercising and applying their "Will" through their Sovereign Australian keys.

It's a New Way for a new Day.


The QMS will be Lawful and Constitutional and would cost a fraction of the cost of managing our country under the current system.

No more wasted or misappropriated Taxpayers money by politicians or influential big business and lobbyist groups.

The QMS is a true direct democracy system that allows for all aspects of governance and management of any country, it does not take anything away from the people, it actually gives everyone in any country a "Real-time" voice.


We can not nor will We try to redesign, rework or repair the current failing Governance systems that have been poorly managed and systematically weighted against the People by corrupt corporations under the guise of government.

We will not support  or align with any person or entity that participates in any current Governance system or creates or participates in anything Unconstitutional or Unlawful as to do so is Treason against the People of the Commonwealth of Australia.


QMS takes personalities, access to money, and the ability to usurp power, (the three major reasons for corruption in government), out of the political arena and therefore allows We the people to directly manage the country "Realtime".

We must start afresh with a new system Of the People, For the People, By the People. QMS is a brand New way for a brand New Day

scales of justice image.jpg
scales of justice image.jpg


To create a new easy to understand and use which is fair and just lawful legal system;

Of the People, For the People, By the People.


To bring the QMS to life we only require around 8,000,000 lawfully eligible electors to join the system as Sovereign Australians.

8 million lawfully eligible electors are more than 50% of the Commonwealth of Australia Electorate, this would mean that the QMS could be sworn in as the Constitutionally Lawful Governance and Management systems of Our Australia for All Australians.

Our Lawful Parliament House sits empty and idle in Canberra, time to turn the lights back on Australians.

Judge and Gavel